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  • A proposal for the future of scientific publishing in the life sciences [12.04.2019] Stern BM, O'Shea EK (2019) A proposal for the future of scientific publishing in the life sciences. PLoS Biol 17(2): e3000116
  • SONAR: First tests to recover full-text files of Swiss publications [12.04.2019] HEG Genève is conducting a feasibility study of ways of recovering full-text files of Swiss publications, having achieved some important conclusions.
  • France: ACS will cut countrywide the access to its online journals [29.03.2019] Negotiations for the renewal of the subscription to the resources of the ACS, carried out within the framework of the national consortium Couperin, are prolonged and have difficulties to reach because of the excessive financial requirements of the publisher. Despite the continuation of the negotiations, the publisher announces a cutoff from the first of April. This cut will be temporary if an agreement is found or final for the year 2019 in case of disagreement and before the resumption of new talks for 2020.
  • Easter holiday 2019 [01.03.2019] The library will close from April 19. to April 28. Pdf delivery will stop during the time.
  • Fund for the Support of Open Access Publications [07.02.2019] The University of Fribourg has set up a support fund for the publication Open Access. This fund, subsidiary to the Swiss National Fund aims to support the publication in Open Access. The charge is 50% of the Article Processing Charges, up to 1,000 CHF. 20% of the fund is reserved for PhD students
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