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  • Ostern Schliessung 2019 [01.03.2019] Die Bibliothek wird von April 19 bis zum April 24 geschlossen sein. Pdf Lieferungen werden hierbei abgebrochen.
  • Fond zur Unterstützung der Publikation Open Access [07.02.2019] Die Universität Freiburg hat einen Fond zur Unterstützung der Publikation Open Access gegründet. Dieser Fond hat, zusätzlich zum Nationalen Fond, das Ziel die Publikation in Open Access zu unterstützen. Der Fond übernimmt 50% der Article Processing Charges, bis zu einem Betrag von 1'000.- CHF. 20% des Fonds ist für Doktoranden/innen reserviert.
  • 'No Comment'? A Study of Commenting on PLOS Articles [07.02.2019] Wakeling, S. & al. in Journal of Information Science 2019 analyse articles with comments from PLOS published between 2003 and 2016. There findings: - rates of commenting are low - rates differ among PLOS titles -rates drop since 2010 - about half of the comments engage in an academic content of the articles.
  • Umtausch der Computer in unserem öffentlichen Raum [09.01.2019] Ab dem 25. Januar sind 15 neue Computer verfügbar
  • Max Planck Society cancels Elsevier agreement: OA via Projekt DEAL or no deal [20.12.2018] The Max Planck Society, one of the world's largest research performing organizations, counting 14,000 scientists who publish 12K new research articles a year—around 1500 of which in Elsevier journals, has mandated the Max Planck Digital Library to discontinue the Society's Elsevier subscription when the current agreement expires on December 31, 2018. With this move the Society joins nearly 200 universities and research institutions in Germany who have already cancelled their individual agreements with Elsevier and affirmed their support of the national-level Projekt DEAL negotiations seeking transformative agreements as a strategy to drive large scale transition of scholarly publishing to open access. As no sustainable offer meeting DEAL's fundamental criteria for transformation has been forthcoming, negotiations are suspended and Elsevier cut off access last July. Despite the immediate implication of lack of access to new Elsevier content from January 1, 2019, the Max Planck Society's researchers and highest level administration provided their full support in the decision. "DEAL is fully in line with the objectives of the OA2020 Initiative, which is strongly supported by the Max Planck Society," emphasized MPS President Martin Stratmann.
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