2017 Autumn

Autumn Semester 2017

All seminars take place at the Adolphe Merkle Institute auditorium (building C, 3rd floor) at 16:00 unless otherwise stated.

26 September 2017
Dr. Andreas Herrmann (Firmenich SA, Switzerland )
Photolabile Profragrances - from Organic Chemistry to Material Sciences

10 October 2017
Prof. Cordt Zollfrank (Technical University of Munich, Straubing, Germany)
Biotemplating as a route to advanced structural and functional materials

17 October 2017
Dominic Urban (Adolphe Merkle Institute)
Taylor dispersion analysis. Expanding the characterization techniques of nanoparticles

17 October 2017
Federica Crippa (Adolphe Merkle Institute)
Magneto-responsive substrates for cell culture

31 October 2017
Prof. Jan Eijkel (University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands)
Nanofluidics for nanomaching, energy generation and cavitation

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