Stimuli-responsive nanostructured particles

Stimuli responsive drug delivery systems are desired to ensure that therapeutics are delivered to the site of action and released where they are required. Nanostructured, biocompatible lipidic particles have been proposed as vehicles for stimuli responsive drug delivery. These are formed by the self-assembly of specific lipids in aqueous conditions which gives rise to a rich array of nanostructures that each maintain a unique drug release rate. By dynamically switching between the different nanostructures, we can control the release of encapsulated compounds, on-demand. 

The key objective of this project is to design and develop enzyme and photo-chemically responsive molecules that can be incorporated into these nanostructured materials in order to control the release rate and location. In vitro techniques will be used to characterise these materials on an intermolecular to mesoscopic level, as well as to understand and quantify the biological response to these novel nanomaterials.

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