Reactor development for reliable, fast, and efficient surface derivatization of nanoparticles

In chemical engineering, many reactions have been transferred to chemical reactors, which are the heart of the chemical process. The reactor is basically the piece of equipment, in which conversion of reactant to desired product takes place. Several factors must be considered in selecting the physical configuration and mode of operation to be used to accomplish a specific task. Our goal is to develop reactors for the reliable, fast, and efficient surface derivatization of nanoparticles. Surface functionalization of nanoparticles in general still remains a difficult task up to now. The most important challenge in the synthesis of surface derivatized particles is colloidal stability of the particles since solvents, pH and ionic concentrations are constantly changing, which often results in irreversible agglomeration. 

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Dr. Helmut Knapp

CSEM Alpnach

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CSEM Alpnach


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