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The BioNanomaterials research group is co-led by Professor Alke Fink and Professor Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser. Prof. Fink leads the materials science aspect of the group and Prof. Rothen-Rutishauser is responsible for all biological studies. This situation is a fresh, novel, and exciting perspective upon scientific research in an academic setting, enabling the unification of two different scientific backgrounds in order to make a truly strong interdisciplinary research group. The interdisciplinary nature within the BioNanomaterials research group is further expressed by the varying scientific backgrounds of its members, which include chemistry and biochemistry, biology, pharmacy, biomedicine, materials science, and physics. We encourage, value, and promote diversity and creativity in our team!

The research group’s activities stretch over many fields from material synthesis and characterization to biological responses and risk assessment with much national and international collaboration.


Banner picture: Cryo transmission electron micrograph of liposomes.

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