Technology Transfer

AMI ensures that its innovative developments and ideas are quickly passed on to industrial firms for practical implementation through an efficient knowledge and technology transfer process. The professional support offered by AMI's own industrial liaison and technology transfer office guarantees a clear and efficient set-up of collaboration schemes. AMI follows the "General Principles of Technology Transfer at Swiss Universities" and is geared to best practices of professional technology transfer between academia and industry.

AMI is a founding member and partner of the TT-office TechTransfer Fribourg and an active member of the following Swiss and European technology transfer associations:

The elaboration of collaboration contracts are based on the following principles:


Cooperation between private enterprise and universities rests on the basis of partnership. The key to success is to find a good compromise between the interests and competences of AMI researchers and the needs of the industrial partner. This approach is the basis for true win-win situations. The Institute receives additional research funding and the involved companies gain a competitive advantage by exploiting the findings and know-how of the academicians.


The publication of scientifically interesting research results is a central task of universities. Through this, the advancement of the academic junior staff is ensured, and the existence in international competition is guaranteed. Before publication, adequate time for the preparation and submission of a patent application will be provided, thus enabling the future economic realization of research results.

Share in economic success

AMI is entitled to an appropriate financial share of the revenues generated by the cooperation partner through commercialization of the intellectual property rights. The contributions of each partner are taken into account.

Intellectual Property

Together with the cooperation partners, AMI makes efforts to obtain adequate protection of research results through patenting or other suitable ways of protection.

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