Rima Simonetta

Rima Simonetta

AMI Alumni, Nanoparticles Self-Assembly
From 2012 to 2015

Simonetta Rima was born in Lecce, Italy, on March 31, 1988. She studied Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, where she graduated with full marks in 2011. In September 2010, she moved to Zurich to complete a Master of Science in chemical and biochemical engineering as part of an exchange program within ETHZ. Her master thesis project, “Aggregation mechanism of monoclonal antibodies”, was carried out in Prof. M. Morbidelli's group under the supervision of Dr. P. Arosio. In March 2012, she joined the Adolphe Merkle Institute in Prof. M. Lattuada's group as a doctoral student in the field of Nanoparticles Self Assembly.

Research projects


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